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Someday, I would like to fly, but for now I spend my days trying.

I just wanted to check on you guys. Glad everyone is doing well!

Well, I’m off now. See you in a few years or so! Au revoir!


Wow, talk about a big change to Tumblr.

Where are all you daftists?


It’s been two years.

How’s it going?

Anonymous: Project Daft: I actually remember hearing "Music sounds better with you" and I was in love with the tune ( i was only 8 ) and wondering who did. Then when I was 11 I was with my friend Karen at my house and then I saw two robots promoting their music videos on cartoon network and I have a huge fascination for robots so I had to watch it. When I did I fell in love with "One more time" ,"Digital Love" and "Harder Better Faster Stronger". Later when Kanye did his song "Stronger" some of my cousins liked the "HBFS" beat and wondered who did those beats and then I got my whole family into them. Now here I am 21 and I'm still in love with them. Two hottest French men alive. :D

sky-wandering-deactivated201209: Project Daft: Yes
The first time I heard Daft Punk I must have been like 11 or 12 years old. I was watching Fox Kids, and I remember as if it was yesterday. Digimon was on and the commercials started airing, and while I was waiting for the show to start again, a cartoon started playing instead of an ad. It was Interstella! The song was One More Time! I feel in love with the the music and the blue people! I really loved it! So after that day, I asked my grandmother who was going to Miami to get me the cartoon with the blue people and the awesome music (I didn't know how it was called back then). As no surprise she couldn't get it because she had no idea what I was talking about. A few years later I did my research when I finally got internet in my house, and found out that the name of the cartoon, the song I first heard and the name of the artists. After that I got their CDs and Interstella, and as of today I still listen to One More Time with as much joy as I did the first time I heard it!

wickedcyan: well this is about the project Daft..well I met them with Interstella 5555 the very first time when i was a little thing but I didnt know that they were dressed as robots or that they even existed..I Kept listening to the awesome music of them until 2005..when the video Technologic was up on mtv I remember It so well I was so scared of that little child robot until I saw them on the tv..i instantly shouted 'THOSE GUYS ARE THE ROBOTS FROM INTERSTELLA!''..then the name of the duo went to the screen..'Daft Punk' i went running to the internet i almost fell downstairs and then I knew everything of them how they looked like,the discovery era the daft club'Human after all era everything..I was amazed they just stealed my heart with their music,they made me happy when I was a kid,thanks to their music now I dont suck that much drawing,I can sing and I'm part of this comunity...they made me who I am today..and that's how i knew them my discovery..and I love them because of that,because they make me happy and when i'm sad or alone I listen to them and it feels conforting like if they were there but there's no one..it sound silly and childish I know,I know.
Daft Project: YES!

poliwhale: I have no idea how to start this SO HERE GOES
I found out about Daft Punk about 3 or 4 years ago, right after their Alive 2007 tour (and was kicking myself for not knowing about them sooner). I first found them through their movie Interstella 5555, my uncle showing me the movie and saying I'd probably like it. My favorite song being "Face To Face" for a few months after buying their album Discovery. I went on to listen to all their other albums, my favorite song now being "Human After All". Honestly, I can't imagine what my life would be like now without their music.
Project Daft: Yes

zaldiuvas555: I think i was like 11 years old when i was looking at MTV & suddenly saw this video of blue people dancing & i was like WTF. But then the music in the background just got into my mind & without realizing it i was like jumping a little in my parents bed, it was amazing & just gave me so much joy. Unfortunately i didn't wrote the name of the song or the artist at the end so i couldn't find it later.
After that, for my 12 birthday some friends came to my house & we were at the balcony, drug-ed by hershey's chocolate, when my older sister suggested some dancing & the first song that she played was that same song from back then, She had it! & i was like "HELL YEAH" & we all just dance our ass of that night. & still don't know if it was the chocolate that we had before that made us dance like that but for me it was the freaking song. *back then (& sometimes now) knew a shit about English & i did sing it loud over & over anyways. Music can make us all come together, uh?*
At this point, i think anyone could know what that song i'm talking about, so yeah, it was "One more time".
I know this is kind of a lame & maybe boring story but it means a lot to me because it just got me in this awesome duo called Daft Punk.

Project Daft: Yes

Dear friends,

I regret to inform to you that I will no longer to continue running this blog, and have taken down daftgifs. I am truly and deeply sorry that I couldn’t supply you with the things you’ve wanted. I have been dealing with people who have been taking my gifs and it’s hard to deal with all of these followers who are constantly telling me what they want. I’m sorry that I couldn’t do what I could do to make this blog interesting for you. The journey was quite short, and I apologize that you will not be able to see my GIFs anymore, but I hope that you’ve saved them in remembrance. I hope you remember all of the inside jokes and I hope you enjoyed this and my previous blog like I have enjoyed yours.

I will most definitely miss you all, and I thank all of you for making this experience an extremely great one. It’s been one great ride, with amazing bloggers such as Kat (tangobullets), colorbind, midnasays, ridejockeygirlride and the rest of you that have been there for me. I also thank you for all the kind messages I received that were amidst a lot of hate. I thank you for your stories, your submissions and most of all, your love.

I not only will forever appreciate Daft Punk, I will forever appreciate you.

This robot dolphin is going to swim away. Maybe I’ll come back, maybe I won’t.

Until then, see you in the future, Daftists!